Care Instructions


We make Handmade Fashion jewellery in which Alloy/Brass/Iron Metal , different type of beads & crystals are used , which will tarnish one day according to their tendency, But with a little care we can increase their Shine and Life.

** Anklets/Bracelet/Neckpieces are made in strong jewellery wire or strong thread.

** If you wear socks/ shoes/ footwear/clothes  in which Anklet/Bracelet  can stuck then their life  will be shorter than otherwise.

** Daily wear Products can be worn all the time. Non Tarnish Jewellery can be worn daily.

** crystal / glass beads will stay as it is.

** Metal being artificial fades with time But won’t fade in a day or two.

** Please keep your golden  jewellery away from Sweat, Perfume , Soap, creme, anything salty/acidic as acid and alcohol destroys the polish.

** Keep your jewellery in moisture free boxes. Dampness tarnish Jewellery  fast.

**  Please clean jewellery with a soft dry fabric to get its shine back.

** Its better to keep using your jewellery pieces from time to time instead of storing them for long as different atmosphere reacts to wire/thread/ metal differently.

** Remove your Jewellery before bathing or swimming.   Only daily wear products can be worn all the time.

**Life of an Anklet/ Bracelet will differ from person to person according to their day to day activity. For some these last more than a year and for some these last only 15-20 days or few months. This is totally on your usage as we use very strong jewellery wire and thread which can only be cut . They will get weak with time according to your usage and  wear & tear.


Please read all the details given with each Product. Only in stock pieces are available on the website. For any queries whatsapp us at 9914555687